This is it Pokefans, because during the recently-concluded Pokemon Direct livestream, we’re getting more details on the upcoming Pokemon Sword/Shield games! This includes a brand new trailer which introduces new features, new Pokemon, and also the games’ respective legendary Pokemon mascots:

The game will be introducing Dynamax and Max Raid Battles, where up to four trainers can participate. There, they can team up to take on gigantic Pokemon and capture them. This is similar to the Raid Battles feature from Pokemon GO, except with oversized Pokemon.

But the most important thing that the new livestream revealed are the new Pokemon of course. It introduced Wooloo, Gossifleur, Eldegoss, Drednaw, and Corviknight, as well as the two legendary Pokemon. Zacian will be the exclusive mascot Pokemon for Sword, while Zamazenta will be the one for Shield. And yes, both of them are Good Bois.

The Pokemon Company also announced during the livestream that the game will have a simultaneous global release. It will happen on 15 November 2019, and it will be exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. So, who is excited? Because we surely are!