Hollywood entertainment website, Variety, has reported that Square Enix and Sony, together with Hivemind, are working together for a live-action Final Fantasy TV series. Variety reported that it will be “an original story set in the fantastic world of Eorzea”.

The news website also reported that this new TV show will “explore the struggle between magic and technology in a quest to bring peace to a land in conflict”. They also confirmed that a few fan favourites from the franchise are coming to the series, including Chocobos and FFXIV’s version of Cid. There will also be magitek, beastmen, and airships from the hit MMORPG.

Sony Pictures Television will be producing the series, while Square Enix will be having an active role in the production. Hivemind’s Jason F. Brown, Sean Daniel, and Dinesh Shamdasani will be co-producing the series with Sony, while Ben Lustig and Jake Thornton will write for the series and serve as executive producers.

This won’t be the first video game adaptation for live-action from Hive Mind though. They’re currently working on the live-action Witcher series for Netflix. It will star Superman himself, Henry Cavill, as Geralt of Rivia.

source: Variety