The live-action Tokyo Ghoul S recently held a premiere event at the Ebisu Garden Place in Tokyo. There, they revealed that four-member Japanese rock band QUEEN BEE will be performing the film’s theme song, “Introduction“. That theme song is previewed in not one, but three new trailers for the upcoming live-action movie adaptation of Sui Ishida‘s dark fantasy manga.

QUEEN BEE is quite familiar with Tokyo Ghoul. In fact, the musical group also performed ED theme for the 2018 TV anime Tokyo Ghoul:re titled “HALF” back in 2018.

Tokyo Ghoul 2 will have its Japanese premiere on 19 July 2019. Unfortunately, they still haven’t confirmed any international release as of yet. The first film made its premiere during last year’s Anime Expo 2017 event before making its Japanese premiere. They also screened the film in Southeast Asia, including right here in Singapore! It will once again star Masataka Kubota as Ken Kaneki, with Maika Yamamoto as the new Tohka.  This film will serve as a direct sequel to the original live-action film, and will introduce the gourmet ghoul himself, Shu Tsukiyama (played by Shouta Matsuda).