Even after finishing Tokyo Ghoul:re, mangaka Sui Ishida has been very busy. Not only did he create the artwork for MIYAVI‘s new album, but he;s also working with BROCCOLI for the upcoming Nintendo Switch game, Jack Jeanne. And now, it seems that he’s also working on the Touken Ranbu 2.5D musical as well.

To be specific, Ishida-sensei has drawn the cover artworks for the Musical Touken Ranbu playbooks. They are Touken Ranbu – Atsukashiyama Ibun (2016), Touken Ranbu – Bakumatsu Tenrōden (2016), and Touken Ranbu Mihotose no Komoriuta (2017). They will be releasing the books on 18th July, anmd each contains information on the musicals themselves, as well as interviews with the plays’ scriptwriter and producer.

And that’s not all, because fans can also win posters of the playbooks’ cover art. Fans who purchase all three books, along with issue #33 of Weekly Young Jump magazine, can win the posters and a folding fan, as well as a manuscript from the 2018 Paris show for Touken Ranbu – Atsukashiyama Ibun. Expect Young Jump to make more announcements soon.

source: Comic Natalie