I mean, what can possibly go wrong? Drinking tea is a popular pastime and culture in Japan, with business booming so well over there. One company in Japan, Ocean Teabag decides to challenge the norm of the teabag design by making their own original designs which will…elevate your tea drinking experience. They have many unique designs but one that strikes me the most is then Octopus design:

And when you dip it into water…it actually moves! Let’s be honest, other than using this to scare your family and friends, you’ve got to admit it’s a pretty interesting take in reinventing the teabag.

They have other designs as well, such as a squid, dolphin, a flapjack octopus and even an isopod! There’s even land animals for sale on this website so tea and animal lovers, this one’s for you! I personally wanna get the Octopus one just to scare my friends and see their reaction!!

Source: Ocean Teabag