Have you ever seen actual jewels in art? No, not paintings of jewels, but actual and real-life jewels being used in art? Specifically, manga-inspired art? Well, they are holding the “World’s Only Jewelry Art Exhibition” features jeweled artworks from various artists, including classic mangaka like Osamu Tezuka, Riyoko Ikeda, Rumiko Takahashi. However, the exhibition’s literal crown jewel is a replica of Sapphire‘s crown from Princess Knight, which is worth around 300 million yen. 

The jeweled artworks include classic manga such as The Rose of Versailles and Urusei Yatsura, as well as classic Japanese artworks like Happousai’s “The Wave“. They even have jeweled artworks of Snoopy and Hello Kitty in there as well, as the exhibition will boast over 80 jeweled art exhibits. They will be selling one of the Rose of Versailles jewel artworks, as well as a special Princess Knight necklace.

The exhibition will kick off on 22nd June at the IDC Otsuka furniture store in Ginza. However, it will only happen for a limited time, which is only until 30th June.

source: Comic Natalie