Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like it’s finally the end of an era. This is because the anime adaptation of Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail manga will also be ending. The official website for the anime has recently posted that the cast has now recorded the anime’s final episode.

They posted a couple of pictures:

Over 65 named characters will be appearing in that final episode, which is a lot! The anime’s Twitter page even admitted that over 60 of the seiyuu working on that episode cannot fit into the sound booth. They also revealed the number of the anime’s final episode.

Yes folks, the Fairy Tail TV anime will officially end on Episode 328!

The final season started streaming the final season back in October of last year. It adapts the final arc from the manga and continues from where the previous seasons have left off. It was planned to have 51 episodes in total.

In addition to the 277 episodes from the anime’s previous seasons, and that means that it really does have 328 episodes!

Wow, now that is a long run, huh? Congratulations everyone, and thank you!