The Kyoto Animation fire did not just affect the animators at KyoAni, but also the Fire Force anime. The anime about fighting fiery beings known as infernals delayed its 3rd episode as a sign of respect to those who passed away in the recent Kyoto Animation fire.

But now, the delayed third episode finally aired. However, it came with some heavy modifications.

The staff decided to edit the colour of the flames for the episode, as well as change the narration. From Episode 4 onwards, they promised to “deal with similar situations accordingly. “.

The arson fire in Kyoto Animation’s Studio 1 claimed a total of 34 lives now. The Fire department stated that the 41-year old male suspect was seen carrying two 2-Litre cans of gasoline to the building. He was yelling curses to the people inside the building before pouring the gasoline and lighting it up. He also shouted “Die!” as he lighted the fire. He then ran away to a nearby train station where he was captured, presumably by KyoAni staff members.

The suspect is now in police custody, while the police have identified all 34 casualties. They have not released the names of these people yet and will release them when all the funeral services are over at the request of the studio and families.

Source: Yomiuri Shimbun