Fire Force follows a group of powered fire fighters battling people who suffered internal human combustion to become Infernals. The series definitely has a lot to deal with fire, and with the recent events surrounding Kyoto Animation, the anime might be hard to watch for many.

© Atsushi Okubo / Kodansha / Special Firefighting Video Public Relations Division

And because of the incident, the producers and staff of Fire Force have decided to delay the anime’s third episode. It was supposed to air this early morning/Late Night, but it won’t be airing until further notice. The website did not state the reason for the delay, but it was pretty clear this was a sign of respect to the victims of the Kyoto Animation arson fire.

The arson fire in Kyoto Animation’s Studio 1 claimed a total of 34 lives now. The Fire department stated that the 41-year old male suspect was seen carrying two 2-Litre cans of gasoline to the building. He was yelling curses to the people inside the building before pouring the gasoline and lighting it up. He also shouted “Die!” as he lighted the fire. He then ran away to a nearby train station where he was captured, presumably by KyoAni staff members.

source: Fire Force official website