Much like the Gundam Build Fighters franchise before it,’s official YouTube channel is also streaming the new SD GUNDAM WORLD SANGOKU SOKETSUDEN anime. In fact, they are now streaming the anime’s very first episode on YouTube for free!

Here’s how the channel describes episode 1’s story:

It is an age in which the world is in ruins after repeated wars, but is beginning to show signs of recovery. Liu Bei Unicorn Gundam, who lives in the Shu Area, leads the vigilante group “Dragon’s Watch” and protects the city. One day, he spots two men being pursued by Bugs. Liu Bei sets off to rescue them along with Ma Chao Gundam Barbatos and Zhao Yun 00 Gundam, other protectors of the city. As the youths are led to a meeting with destiny, the tale of their adventure to save the world begins here!

The channel will be streaming new episodes of the anime on a weekly basis, and yes, they will all be free and legal on YouTube. SD GUNDAM WORLD SANGOKU SOKETSUDEN is now available with English, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (simplified), Korean, and Vietnamese. There are also versions available in other languages as well.