Gundam: Reconguista in G may not be the most popular or critically-received Gundam series out there, but it is getting a compilation film project. That in itself isn’t surprising.

However, what is surprising is that the compilation project won’t just have one or two films… it’s gonna have five!

And we’re not joking on this one either, as Gundam creator and anime legend, Yoshiyuki “Kill’em All” Tomino himself made the announcement during a panel discussion at the Japan Expo in Paris, France.

He revealed that the first film’s title is “Ike! Core Fighter” (Go! Core Fighter), and they even screened it during the event. It will premiere for the rest of the world sometime later this year.

With the high number of compilation films announced for the project, this certainly has fans talking. As expected, speculations have popped up as to why.

Tomino was clearly not happy with G-Reco, so much like what he did with the original Mobile Suit Gundam films, many are speculating he’s changing the story a bit. In the original 3-part Mobile Suit Gundam compilation films, he changed several story aspects, such as retiring the Guntank early and not having it participate in the final battle, as well as not including a few unnecessary story arcs.

And because of this, many fans are speculating that Tomino will be changing the story up for G-Reco. The original TV anime’s story was confusing and hard to follow, to say the least, and Tomino might make the compilations a lot easier to understand.

Well, at least that’s what fans are hoping for.

source: Comic Natalie