The upcoming movie compilation for the Gundam: Reconguista in G (henceforth G-Reco) has been officially unveiled recently and the first in the series of five films titled Go! Core Fighter! has been officially set to air in Japanese theatres this Autumn. The official key visual has been revealed as well!

The movie compilations will feature all 26 episodes of the 2014 original TV series with new cuts and split into five movies. According to the director and script-writer, who just also happens to be the creator of the Gundam franchise Yoshiyuki Tomino:

Using an adult way of thinking won’t make this a fun anime film so I hope you are able to enjoy this. On top of that, I would like you to think about where futuristic problems lies (through this film) and wait for the children to find solutions for them.

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Also, “The World of Yoshiyuki Tomino” is currently going on at the Fukuoka Art Museum and on the 24th of August, they will be conducting Japan’s first screening of Gundam: Reconguista in G I: Go! Core Fighter! After the screening, Tomino will be conducting a Q&A session. Applications for the screening can be found here. Alternatively, at the National Film Archive of Japan from the 9th to 21st September, G-Reco will also be screening at the 41st Pia Film Festival. Details will be known at a later date.

Source: Natalie