Gundam and Hello Kitty are teaming up for an unlikely collaboration, as both franchises celebrate their respective milestone anniversaries. In this latest collaboration, it also includes an intense DJ battle!

The event took place on July 18, to mark the opening of the escape room style exhibition for the respective franchise held at the Tokyo Mystery Circus. Titled, “Gundam start operation” and “Hello Kitty’s Nazotoki Museum”, the event will be an ongoing event happening from July 18 to December 18.

Yes, folks! At the event, DJ Hello Kitty threw down a challenge with the Red Comet, Char Aznable!

DJ Hello Kitty, an official version of Sanrio’s iconic mascot character who specialises in EDM, took to the stage first before dropping some beats.

Meanwhile, DJ Caesar, who also cosplays on the side, dressed up as Char and dropped his set own rhymes.

Fortunately, no hard feelings developed, because, after the DJ battle, both parties performed together on stage.

But who won that battle?

Well… everyone I guess. The event was called Gundam vs. Hello Kitty Night, and everyone who attended enjoyed themselves.

“Gundam start operation” 

Event period: July 20, 2019, to End December 2019(Tickets are on sale) 
Venue: Tokyo Mystery Circus 

“Nazotoki Museum of Hello Kitty” 

Event period: July 18, 2019 – December 18, 2019 (Ticket on sale) 
Venue: Tokyo Mystery Circus 
(C) ’76, ’19 SANRIO APPROVAL No. P1107181

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