Tomie is known as one of horror mangaka Junji Ito’s bloodiest and most disturbing works. And now, it’s getting its very own live-action Hollywood adaptation! Streaming service Quibi will be producing and streaming the series, with a few Hollywood heavyweights involved in the production.

Alexandre Aja, who directed “The Hills Have Eyes”, will be at the helm of the project, while the Conjuring’s David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick is penning the series. Meanwhile, Hiroki Shirota will be co-producing it alongside Aja and Johnson-McGoldrick.

Quibi describes its adaptation as “the story of what happens when a beautiful high school girl goes missing and pieces of her body are discovered scattered across a small town. But what starts out as a murder mystery turns into something even more horrific.”

Meanwhile, here’s how Viz Media describes the original manga:

Tomie the complete classic horror series is now available in this single deluxe volume featuring art and story by Junji Ito
.Murdered again and again, one girl always comes back for more… Tomie Kawakami is a femme fatale with long black hair and a beauty mark just under her left eye. She can seduce nearly any man, and drive them to murder as well, even though the victim is often Tomie herself. While one lover seeks to keep her for himself, another grows terrified of the immortal succubus. But soon they realize no matter how many times they kill her, the world will never be free of Tomie.

The story of Tomie was released as an OVA as part of the Junji Ito Collection anime.

Quibi has gathered US$1 Billion in funding from investors like Disney and Viacom. They have “spent much of the last month adding new series to its fold”.

source: The Wrap