An arsonist tried to destroy Kyoto Animation by burning its main studio to the ground. However, even with all the things that are happening, Kyoto Animation is showing that they are remaining strong. Despite 34 people passing away due to the arson fire, The Hollywood Reporter has reported that the studio is moving forward with the world premiere of the Violet Evergarden side-story, Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memories Doll.

©Kana Akatsuki, Kyoto Animation/Violet Evergarden Production Committee

The world premiere will happen between 3rd and 4th August, during the AnimagiC convention in Mannheim, Germany. And it seems that it was in fact KyoAni which requested the premiere to move forward. The organisers stated that the premiere is gonna happen  “at the express request of the studio.”

KyoAni is definitely hanging in there, and with rebuilding and investigations on the fire still ongoing, the studio remains unbowed. In fact, some of their staff members are even flying to Germany themselves as guests for the event. Unfortunately, not all of those listed will be going, which is of course understandable.

Originally, Director Taichi Ishidate and producer Shinichiro Hatta are both going to Germany, together with seiyuu Yui Ishikawa, who of course voices Violet. But now, Hatta and Ishidate have opted to stay. However, music producer Shigeru Saitou will now attend the event in their stead.

While the side-story will be moving forward with its world premiere, there’s still no official word on the fate of its Japanese screenings. The side-story film was originally slated to premiere in Japan on 6 September 2019. It is unclear if they will delay the premiere there, but KyoAni moving forward with the world premiere in a foreign country brings some hope that the Japanese screenings will push through. Stay Strong KyoAni!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter