The classic Broadway musical, West Side Story, is getting a brand new Japanese stage play. And anime fans will most certainly be familiar with some of the play’s main cast members, as some of them are seiyuu as well.

Mamoru Miyano, who was recently managing some zombie idols last time we checked, will be playing Tony in the stage production. He will be sharing the role with fellow seiyuu, Shouta Aoi, as the role is double cast.

Another double cast role in the play is the role of Anita. Another familiar name is playing one of them, and that is none other than Umi’s seiyuu from Love Live!, Suzuko Mimori. She will be sharing the role with stage actress Asami Higuchi (L):

The play will be held at the IHI stage in Tokyo, which boasts a 360 degree theatre. It rotates so that audience members can see various sets and stages, and is quite the immersive theatrical experience. It will have three seasons, and the first one has been announced to run between 6 November 2019 until 13 January 2020. They will be announcing the runs for the second and third seasons in the future.

Source: MoCa-News