It looks like Miyagi Prefecture is following Iwate Prefecture’s lead by naming their own mascot Pokemon. And if Iwate has Geodude, Miyagi has none other than Lapras.

In fact, the Ferry Pokemon will be helping tourists experience Miyagi.

In a campaign that will officially kick off in October, the prefecture will be renting out Lapras-shaped boats for visitors to explore Miyagi’s natural beauty. They will be available for rental in various locations, including Michinoku Park and the National Hanayama Youth Center. The entire prefecture itself is known for lakes and islands, so naturally, Lapras would be the perfect choice for them.

In addition, several hotels and pools in the region will be offering official Lapras floaties. Unfortunately, they have yet to reveal the cost of rentals for the boats, as well as the floaties.

The campaign itself is scheduled to run from October 2019 till March 2020.

As for Lapras, this ain’t the Pokemon’s first stint as a mascot. Visitors to Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore’s Pokemon Center would know that Lapras is one of the PokeCenter’s two mascots. The other being Celebi of course!

The editors still thinks that Singapore should have gotten a Pidgeotto instead…

Source: PokeTimes