Sengoku Basara and Attack on Titan have their own spin-offs which feature the characters as if they were normal school students. And from the looks of things, One Piece is also getting in on the act!

The September 2019 edition of V-Jump came with an announcement that One Piece is getting a new spin-off manga. This new manga is titled One Piece Gakuen (One Piece Academy), and you’ve probably guessed by the title on what it’s gonna be about. Yes folks, it’s gonna be yet another school spin-off!

Souhei Jouji is drawing the art for the new series, which will debut in Saikyou Jump magazine on 2nd August. Kouji has previously drawn several one-shot manga for the magazine, which has also featured One Piece spin-offs in the past, including the parody comedy, Chin Piece by Yoshikazu Amami.