Level 5’s bestselling game franchise, Ni No Kuni, is getting its own animated feature film. Now, Warner Bros. Japan has started streaming an “introduction video” for the film itself. None other than seiyuu Yuuki Kaji is narrating the video, and he’s doing it in character too! He voices Danpa in the film:

The film will star actor Kento Yamazaki as the protagonist, Yuu. Yuu is a prodigy, though he is bound to a wheelchair. He is best friends with Haru, who is dating his childhood friend, Kotona. Unfortunately, Yuu is also in love with his best friend’s girlfriend. After a certain incident, the three friends manage to find themselves able to travel to an alternate world. This world is, of course, the world of Ni No Kuni. However, when they find out that their Kotona, as well as her counterpart in the other world, are in danger, the three friends must make “the ultimate choice.”

The game’s director, Yoshiyuki Momose, who worked on Ghibli films as a storyboarder, will be directing the film as well. He will be working with long-time Ghibli collaborator, Joe Hisaishi, who will be composing the music. Hisaishi also worked as a composer for the games as well. OLM, which animated the Pokemon anime, will be producing the animation, while Warner Bros. Japan will distribute the film.

It will open in Japan on 23 August 2019.