Eiichiro Oda has been very active in his campaign to restore Kumamoto Prefecture and help those affected by that huge earthquake back in 2016. And now, he’s even teaming up with Pokemon GO for a special One Piece x Pokemon collaboration!

The collaboration will feature Pikachus wearing Luffy’s signature Straw Hat, as well as wearable straw hats for the players’ in-game avatars. The collaboration will run from 22-29 July and will be a global release.

In addition, the upcoming statues of the Straw Hat Pirates will also be serving as PokeStops. The Kumamoto Prefectural Government is erecting these statues in honour of their hometown boy, Eiichiro Oda. The mangaka is known for his deep love for his home prefecture and has even raised around 800 million yen in rehabilitation efforts for the earthquake victims. Four of the statues will go up this year, with another four going up next year.

Yes folks, despite people saying it’s dead, Pokemon GO is still very popular and very much in ONE PIECE.

source: Pokemon GO Japan