DeNa is making a new Pokemon game for mobile devices. Its title is Pokemon Masters, and it will in fact have an international release. Now, The Pokemon Company has released a new English trailer for the game:

As the trailer reveals. the game will let players “battle alongside your favourite Pokemon Trainers from the main series RPGs.” It also features three-versus-three battles, co-op battles, and the Pokemon Masters League tournament, which is set on the island of Pasio. It boasts real-time battles which let players have a move gauge to attack as quickly as possible. They can also use moves to support their Pokemon, such as buff their stats and even heal them.

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GAME FREAK’s Ken Sugimori actually suggested the idea of featuring all the big-name Pokemon trainers from the games. DeNA then realised that idea into Pokemon Masters. It is slated for release in summer 2020 for both Android and iOS smartphone devices.