It’s safe to say that Re:Zero’s blue-haired demon maid, Rem, is the series’ most popular character. She is so popular that she is considered far more popular than her twin sister Ram, and main girl Emilia! And now, there’s yet another life-size figure of her getting released. This time, she’s wearing a kimono.

The figure also sports an authentic Japanese parasol made by Kyoto craftsmen from the historically renowned Hiyoshiya company. She will measure in at 62.5 in height.

As expected, this new Rem life-size figure won’t come cheap. She will cost 3,520,000 yen , and that doesn’t even include the shipping cost! The Kadokawa store is now accepting pre-orders, but only until 30th August. They will then release the figure to those who pre-ordered sometime in March 2020.

Previously, Rem got herself a life-size bust, as well as a life-size figure.