Shoko Nakagawa, also known as Shokotan, is one huge Pokefan. And that fascination with Pokemon goes way back when she was still a kid in fact! In her twitter page, the singer/actress/seiyuu/artist/illustrator/model/host/Jojo fangirl released a manga which she drew herself. There, she told a story of her memories as a kid, and even then, she was a huge Pokefan.

In the manga, she tells of how she started with Pokemon, and it was all the way back to Gen-1. She couldn’t even decide whether to go with Charizard or Venusaur in the old Red and Green games. Finally, she decided to go with Squirtle as her very first starter Pokemon ever. She also shared memories of playing the game, as well as watching the anime. She even watched Pokemon the First Movie with her grandfather and admitted she cried while watching. She then shared memory of seeing the stars with her grandpa after watching the film.

Now ain’t that just touching. Shokotan herself has been heavily involved with various Pokemon projects, having voiced several characters already in the anime. She also hosted the Pokemon morning variety show and appeared in countless CMs to promote the game and anime.