The animated movie of the hit 2017 Chinese Animate series is finally going to be released in Chinese Theater on 16 August. Titled 全职高手之巅峰荣耀, literally – The King’s Avatar – Top of Glory –

It would feature the main character, Ye Qiu’s younger days when the game “Glory” is at the beginning stages of having a professional league. It would primarily feature Ye Qiu’s journey to start “Jia Shi”, the name of his battle group and also the company that fired him in the original series.

Other than Ye Qiu, the various team captains and veteran players are also featured within the movie.

The animated feature will be animated by a different studio from the hit anime but fans are expected to still rush to cinema for it.

The franchise since 2017 have had a Live-Action series feature Chinese actor Yang Yang, and an animated OVA.

“The King’s Avatar” is first published by company chinese literature as a novel written by Hudielan in 2014.