One Piece Stampede is the latest film from Eiichiro Oda’s long-running pirate manga franchise. And they have teamed up with Universal Studios Japan for a special attraction/show, and it will have direct ties to the film itself. In fact, it will serve as the prequel for the movie!

Titled  “One Piece Summer Premiere,”, the show is part of USJ’s long-running “One Piece Premiere Show”. It will feature a battle between Bon Clay and Luffy. Here’s how USJ describes the prequel show’s story:

Can Bon Clay save Luffy from danger once again? With a show that continues the new movie’s Pirates festival story, their joint struggles and bond with the Straw Hat Crew are brought back with moving and memorable scenes. It’s here—a moment of passion where you can witness friendship like never before.

The show runs once a day, and will be playing in the theme park until 29th September.

In addition, USJ will also be holding their annual “One Piece Water Battle” until 1st September, as well as their Sanji’s Pirate Restaurant until 29th September. Now that is how you spend a summer, right?

source: Universal Studios Japan