Japanese anime fans have this running joke regarding how Zombie Land Saga and Vinland Saga sound alike. Their Japanese pronunciations are “Binrando Saga” vs “Zon Birando Saga”, so it’s quite easy to see how the pun-loving Japanese see the two series. And now, from out of nowhere, Zombie Land Saga tweeted a collaboration picture between the two franchises.

It acknowledges the running joke and even “apologises” for “causing convenience” to mangaka Makoto Yukimura. It even features Sakura cosplaying as Thorfinn, with Romero onboard a Viking longship and even sporting a Viking helmet. And yes, actual historical Viking helmets don’t have horns.

Zombie Land Saga premiered its first three episodes earlier this week. It adapts Makoto Yukimura’s bestselling historical manga, Vinland Saga. The manga follows Thorfinn, who joins the warband of the Askeladd, the man who killed his father, Thors. He seeks revenge on Askeladd, and slowly hones his fighting skills until the day he gets to kill him. The manga itself is based on some of the historical accounts during the Viking age, including the Viking conquests of England, as well as the explorations to Vinland, which is now North America.