YuruYuri is celebrating its milestone 10th anniversary this year, and it looks like Japan’s postal service, the Japan Post, is getting in on the celebrations. In fact, they’re releasing a set of official YuruYuri stamps which can be placed in your collection or even used as official stamps when you send letters. Let’s face it, those buying these stamps won’t be using it for sending mail…

The set itself will come with ten 62-yen framed stamps and eight A4-size clear files. The clear files will come with a different illustration featuring a YuruYuri character. As for how much the set will cost, it will be 2,970 yen,

And yes, Japan Post will only be releasing limited amounts of these stamps. In fact, they will only be releasing 3,500 sets of them! They will hit various post offices in Japan on 9th August before hitting Japan Post’s official website on 15th August.

source: Japan Post