Comiket, the summer edition to be exact, is quite infamous for being extremely hot. This year, it was so hot that three people were sent to the hospital due to heatstroke. This made the event’s official website send out an advisory in Japanese and English, as well as Chinese and Korean, about the dangers of suffering heatstroke during the event.

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Please be aware and cautious about the following for entry into Day 4 of Comic Market 96 Inside the Comic Market will be very crowded and the lines very long, it may take a long time until you can enter. Please be well prepared against heatstroke, Bring plenty of fluids. Make sure to take enough salt content
* Wear clothing that lets the wind through and a hat that gives shadow
Use sunscreen and guard against UV light
Sleep well and eat breakfast
* Admission Wristbands for Day 4 for will be on sale outside the venue like Days 1-3
* Once Admission Wristbands are sold out, participants without a wristband will only be able to enter after entry restrictions have been lifted

The time when entry restrictions are lifted will change depending on the situation. In case of overcrowding, the entry restrictions might not be lifted until the end of the event. Restrictions might also be lifted at different times between Ariake (South/West Halls, Dojinshi and Cosplay Areas) and Aomi Halls (Corporate Area)

We have introduced the Admission Wristband to counter the increased costs due to the use of Ariake and Aomi and the extension to 4 days and to secure safety with the reduced size of the venue.
We have been restricting the speed of entry depending on crowding before, but this time, we have decided that the total number of participants needs to be controlled to ensure safety.

Comiket wrapped up its fourth and final day yesterday, but this serves as a reminder for everyone to be careful and stay hydrated during events. Yes, this even includes events overseas like AFA, or even having outdoor events under the sun. This goes for cosplayers as well, especially ones wearing armour where it might get really toasty inside.