During Comiket 96, Azur Lane revealed a PV for the game’s TV anime adaptation. And now, they have officially released that very video online, and it features a few very familiar ship girls:

The video also announced that the anime will be making its premiere sometime in October 2019. So far, the website has confirmed three ship girls to appear in the anime. They also revealed that their respective seiyuu from the game’s Japanese version will be reprising their roles for the anime as well. The three of them are:

  • Enterprise: Yui Ishikawa
  • Akagi: Mai Nakahara
  • Belfast: Yui Horie

The series will be directed by Bibury Animation Studio’s Tensho; Bibury will also be in charge of the animation. Jin Haganeya will be the series planner. More cast members and additional staff members will be announced at a later date.

“Azur Lane” has been described as a combination of two major Japanese game series: the turn-based RPG featuring battleships as cute girls “Kantai Collection”, and “bullet hell” fan-made game “Touhou Project”. “Azur Lane” has also gained notoriety for allowing players to “marry” their favourite ship girls.