Comiket has always been one of the most chaotic events in Japan. With the sea of humanity trying to get their hands on some rare doujins and games, or snap photos of cosplayers, the event is infamous for long lines and people passing out from heat stroke. And with that huge amount of people, many of whom come from other countries, it’s no surprise that the clean-up for the event would also be massive.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case for the latest iteration of the event. In fact, one veteran volunteer stated that it was cleaner that previous ones. Arata Ito is a seiyuu still trying to make a name for himself. He has also been volunteering for clean-up duty every Comiket, so he has plenty of observations for this year’s event. Ito stated that he wasn’t sure if he should continue picking up the trash left by some event-goers, as they seem to be able to do that by themselves this year. He also added that compared to Comiket 85 in 2013, the trash situation has greatly improved. Here he is posing with his trash haul to throw away this Comiket:

And here are his previous trash hauls. First two images are from C87, while the last one was from C85.

And to think this year had the most attendees for Summer Comiket so far, setting the record 730,000 attendees. People sure have improved over the years, huh?

Source: Arata Ito’s Twitter account