Digimon fans rejoice, because Digimon Adventure’s 20th anniversary celebrations won’t just include the new feature-length film, Last Evolution Kizuna, but 5 new anime shorts as well. These shorts will all be side stories on the daily lives of the Digidestined and their partners. It will also include what will serve as a prequel to the new film.

The five shorts include:

  • Sora e (To Sora)
  • Kokoro no Ana (A Hole in the Heart)
  • Igakusei Joe Kido (Medical Student Joe Kido)
  • Akogare no Jogress Shinka (The Desired Jogress Evolution)
  • Title yet-to-be-announced

The staff have also opened a booster crowdfunding project for the five shorts. It will run until 2nd October and its goal is 10 million yen. Backers can get the Blu-ray disc copy of the five shorts, which will also be released in October. Unfortunately, the campaign will only be limited to Japanese residents. If they reach the campaign, they plan to stream the first episode online, as well as have screenings sometime in late November. But even if they don’t reach the goal, they will still carry out the shorts as planned.

As for Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna, it will feature the Digidestined as adults. It will open in Japan on 21st February. It has been billed as Taichi and Agumon’s final adventure.”

Source: Digimon Adventure film’s official Website