Iwate Prefecture has teamed up with Pokemon, and even adopted the Rock Pokemon, Geodude, as their official mascot. The city of Miyako even added a manhole featuring their mascot Pokemon itself!

And now, the prefecture has announced that they’re adding several new manholes around the area. There will be 13 in total, including the one featuring Geodude! All of these manholes feature a Rock-type Pokemon, from Rockruff to Rhyhorn to Larvitar to Aron to Aerodactyl.

But why Rock Pokemon? As Crimsondramon explained in our previous article, ” Iwate comes from the Japanese word 岩手, which means rock hand. There are legends from the prefecture talking about how a demon would not trouble the land and made a hand print signature in the rocks. “

Now that’s a great way to promote your rocky city, huh? Now all they need is a Rock-type gym and a Gym Leader who never opens his eyes and loves to chase women…

source: Iwate Prefecture’s Pokemon collaboration page