Back in June, Jrock royalty met with actual British royalty for the first time… but it did not go over too well. You see, X Japan leader and Jrock legend YOSHIKI met with the Queen (Yes, THAT Queen, Queen Elizabeth II of England) during a polo tournament. However, a certain incident involving Yoshiki’s scarf caused a very royal ordeal for the rocker.

Well, let’s just say that the scarf kinda grabbed Her Majesty, and people around the world gasped. But don’t worry though, the Queen was quite sweet as YOSHIKI apologised. Though you might understand the rocker’s nervousness. Let’s just say that several Royal Guard may or may not have aimed their sniper rifles at him when that incident happened. I’d imagine he was imagining that scenario when that gust of wind blew his scarf at the Queen’s direction.

All kidding aside though, it seems that YOSHIKI learned his lesson when he met with the Queen’s son and the future King of the United Kingdom, Prince Charles. You might notice the absence of a certain scarf…

The legendary rocker met with Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace, and the two seem to have hit it off.

As expected, fans commented that YOSHIKI looked like a prince himself. Others commented that he looked great in a tuxedo.

Aside from meeting Royals and almost causing an international incident, YOSHIKI also made the news for his kindness. He recently donated 10 Million Yen to the victims of the Kyoto Animation Arson attack, something that would truly help those traumatised by the fire, as well as the families of those who passed away.

sources: Yoshiki’s official Twitter and Instagram pages