Those who will be watching the upcoming KONOSUBA: Legend of Crimson film in Japanese theatres are in for a special treat. The anime’s official Twitter Page has announced that KonoSuba creator Natsume Akatsuki is releasing two new novels, and they will be releasing them to those who watch the film.

Those who watch KonoSuba the Movie in its first week run from 30th August – 5th September will receive the short novel titled “Kouma no Sato”. It will focus on the Crimson Demons like Megumin and Yunyun.

Meanwhile, those watching in the second week, from 6th September – 12th September, will receive the short novel titled “Accel no Machi“. The story will follow the party as they visit the town of Accel and run into even more Aqua worshipers. Talk about crazy, huh?

The film’s title is KONOSUBA – God’s blessing on this wonderful world! Legend of Crimson. It will feature the journey of Kazuma’s party into the village of the Crimson Demons. And as the film focuses on Megumin, expect explosions that will make Michael Bay drool! The cast of the TV anime adaptation Jun Fukushima, Sora Amamiya, Rie Takahashi, Ai Kayano, Yui Horie, and Aki Toyosaki will be reprising their roles. Much of the other support characters are also returning with their respective seiyuu as well.

The biggest change will be the production studio, as the film will be done by JC Staff (the anime TV series was done by Studio Deen). And while the anime has a new studio, Takaomi Kanasaki returns to direct the anime movie. With Makoto Uezo also coming back to write the scripts and Koichi Kikuta as character designer. The film will open in Japan on 30 August 2019.