The Kyoto Animation arson fire is one of the biggest tragedies in Japan in recent memory. 35 people died after a crazed man poured flammable liquid and lit it up at KyoAni’s Studio 1 Building.

It has since been a few weeks after the devastating attack, one of the survivors spoke to Nikkei about his harrowing experience.

The employee is a 52-years old, background artist, and have asked to remain anonymous for the interview. Recounting the incident, He was on the second floor of Studio 1 when the first explosion shook the building. It shocked him, but on recovering, he along with his coworkers managed to jump out of the window to escape the ensuing fire.

He did suffer some bruises, but he is more or less safe.

The employee also stated that he has been back at work just a mere six days after the attack, though he still had some bruises from the ordeal. He feels more comfortable working and that he it to be a “counterattack” against the criminal.

He also stated that he has been working for Kyoto Animation since the 1980’s, and is considered a veteran. His dedication to doing his best for the company does not seem to waver.

Nikkei noted that he spoke with passion.

The Fire department stated that the 41-year old male suspect was seen carrying two 2-Litre cans of gasoline to the building. He was yelling curses to the people inside the building before pouring the gasoline and lighting it up. He also shouted “Die!” as he lighted the fire. He then ran away to a nearby train station where he was captured, presumably by KyoAni staff members.

The disgruntled suspect was confirmed to not be a staff member or even a former one. Several eyewitnesses even stated that he was claiming that Kyoto Animation plagiarised him. During his interrogation, the suspect said that the studio “stole his novel”.

He could be facing Arson charges, as well as murder or homicide charges, in addition to property damage and many more crimes.


The fire has certainly ravaged the legendary animation studio, and to help them out, we suggest buying the digital print products from their official KyoAni store. The money spent would be going directly to Kyoto Animation and you would get a digital print from anime titles like “Free” and Sound! Euphonium.

KyoAni is still accepting donations via their official bank account. You can check out the information on how to help here:

Overseas’ effort,

Alternatively, Sentai Film Works, a licensee to various Kyoto Animation’s works in North America, has set up a Go Fund Me Page.

The campaign has now closed with over 2 million US dollars in donations, well passed the original 500,000 USD goal. With the company promising that it will be donating the entire amount to KyoAni’s rebuilding.

Crunchyroll is collecting supportive messages from fans to give to KyoAni, so if you cannot donate, you can at least let the people back in Kyoto know you are thinking about them.

Kyoto Animation,

Founded in 1981, Kyoto Animation is affectionately known as Kyoani. As an animation company, they are known for their excellent storytelling technics and animation quality.

They are also credited for many works that every anime lover would have at least heard of. Just to list a few, AIR, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, K-On!, Lucky Star, Free!, A Silent Voice, Violet Evergarden and more.

In the time of outsourced animator and cost-cutting, they stand out as one of the only to provide full-time employment to all their animating staff and crew.

We here at So Japan deeply condemn the actions of the arsonist. We would like to convey our condolences to the deceased’s mourning families, and our support to the company and its employees.


source: Nikkei