Police recently arrested a 40-year old man for sending threats against gaming developer, Square Enix. The man apparently threatened to do a “repeat of the Kyoto Animation Fire” if the game developer did not refund him for their “shitty game”.

Police quickly arrested the man, who then admitted to sending the message. He says that he was pissed off after losing at a mobile game so he sent the message to Square Enix. The police then raided his home, but did not find anything of note, such as gasoline and flammable materials, like the ones used in the KyoAni arson.

Companies have been receiving threatening messages for decades now, but it seems that police are taking these threats more seriously. The Kyoto Animation fire claimed the lives of 35 people, from one of anime’s most celebrated directors to rookie animators finally getting their dream jobs. And because of that, police are now taking threats very seriously, even the nonsense ones.

source: Fuji Network News