She’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Yes folks, everybody’s favourite long-suffering red panda, Aggressive Retsuko, AKA Aggretsuko, will be returning for a third season on Netflix. The streaming service has announced the third season during the Taipei Comic Exhibition event in Taiwan. They even revealed a teaser visual:

On stage, Director Rareko admitted that the first two seasons have already depleted him and his staff. He also admitted that he’s not yet ready on tackling the third season, but he’s also eager to start working on it and said that fans should look forward to it. During the event, Retsuko also “appeared” on stage with Taiwanese heavy metal vocalist, Freddy Lim, from the band Chthonic.

Aggretsuko follows an office worker named Retsuko. She’s a red panda, and often gets overworked by a demanding boss. She also has to deal with colleagues that add more to her burdens. She lives a very stressful life, and to unwind, she goes to karaoke to sing death metal songs.

source: Comic Natalie