Pokemon GO has launched their “#Sukina you ni GO Shiyou” (GO How You Like) campaign, and they have some idol power backing it up. The AR mobile game recently teamed up with idol group Nogizaka46 to promote it in fact. The game’s latest CM even features several of the group’s idols:

The idols who appeared in the video are Mizuki Yamashita, Yuuki Yoda, Sakura Endo, and Asuka Saitou. The CM highlights the ways to play and enjoy Pokemon GO.

And that is what the campaign is all about really. It focuses on the different ways to enjoy Pokemon GO, whether it be enjoying catching Pokemon with friends, for fitness reasons, or even getting inspoired to travel new places just to catch those rare Pokemon. Recently, Niantic has been trying to find ways to make people play the game more and exercise, and without a doubt, Pokemon GO has proven to be a great way of doing that. Yes folks, you get to burn some calories while trying to catch Pokemon!

source: Oricon