Mangaka Ichigo Takano is one of the biggest names in the Shoujo Genre. Of course, this is because she is behind the hit tear-jerker, Orange. And as a mangaka behind one of the biggest titles in her genre, Takano is oh so familiar with how difficult it is to be one. In fact, she posted a short manga on the difficulties of being a mangaka via her Twitter Page.

In that short,she says that she has a really busy schedule. In fact, she’s so busy that she only has one day off per month. And when she does get that day off, she usually spends that day just sleeping. Of course, Takano also pointed out that this schedule and lifestyle has a very negative impact, not only on her health, but her social life as well.

But if it’s so bad, why not take it slow you might ask? Well, Takano says that deadlines for manga are very tight, and missing the deadline is one of the biggest No-No’s in the industry.

But why is missing the deadline a big No-No? Well, that manga chapter might not get included in the next issue of whatever magazine the mangaka works for, And when that happens, fans would usually file complaints, sharpen their pitchforks, and of course, go all keyboard warrior and whine about it online.

The mangaka also informed fans that if a mangaka misses a chapter, they didn’t miss that deadline out of laziness, and asked them that they should not get mad. Magazines usually don’t give any leeway to the mangaka, and they draw as much asthey could. So even if they finished a lot but not the entire chapter, they wouldn’t get published anyway.

So there you have it folks, be more considerate of some mangaka sometimes. Well, there are those who take long breaks just to play [email protected] *Cough Berserk’s Miura Cough*, and those who are infamous for being supposedly lazy and not really sick *cough Hunter x Hunter’s Togashi cough*, but majority of mangaka, especially those ones still struggling to make a name for themselves, do their best in making their deadlines. So yeah, the world won’t end if you miss a chapter of your favourite manga that week. Just think of how hard drawing manga is, and maybe you can find it in your heart to forgive those mangaka who missed a week or so.