As we reported previously, Pocari Sweat and the Cells At Work TV anime teamed up to explain the effects of Heat Stroke. And now, as Comiket 96 approaches, they’re teaming up once again, and this time, to hydrate event goers.

As far as Japanese anime and manga events go, Summer Comiket is particularly infamous for causing heat strokes. The massive amounts of people coupled with the heat of the Japanese summer is a pretty nasty combination. And one of the best ways to combat the heat and not get a heat stroke is of course, sports drink. And as Cells At Work has shown, it can hydrate people enough to get through the event.

During Comiket, life-size standees of Red Blood Cell, White Blood Cell, and Platelet are going to make an appearance. In addition, they will also screen the anime’s Episode 11.5, which is the collaboration episode between the anime and the sports drink.

The corporate booths of C96 and C97 will be moved to Aomi Exhibition Hall, while the doujinshi booths will still be held at the Tokyo Big Sight. Wristbands will be needed to attend this year as well, as the venues will be smaller than usual. This is to prevent overcrowding. Wristbands for all four days will be included with the purchase of the event’s print event catalog, while the individual wristbands for each of the four days will also be available to purchase at Big Sight on the day of the event.

Source: Anime! Anime!