Sgt. Frog, or Keroro, together with his wacky minions/soldiers, have been planning to take over the Earth for a long time now. And for the upcoming Animate Girls Festival event in Tokyo, they have officially transformed the aliens into some handsome young men. And yes, there’s actually a good reason for them transforming into Ikemen.

It turns out that Keroro needed cash, as the invasion expenses have been mounting really high. He would later ask Kururu for help, and the yellow frog would then invent the Handsome Cannon: Otokoha Kekkyoku Yoyou to Seiketsu Cannon. It would turn the invading aliens into ikemen to earn some cash. And to do this, they’re invading the Animate Girls Festival event.

They have now named the operation as “Operation: Ikemen Invasion“. It will be taking place at the AGF 2019 event in Ikebukuro, which takes place from 9th-10th November. Sgt. Frog creator Mine Yoshizaki supervised the transformations’ designs, which would then be featured in several merchandise. The SMIRAL booth will be selling them during the event.

source: Nijimen