Godzilla may have reinvented itself from its campy version from the 60’s and 70’s, but it seems that version is back… sort of. Despite the meaner version from Shin Godzilla, the intimidating 90’s and Millennium versions, as well as the badass Hollywood version, the King of Monsters is going child-friendly again for a new YouTube puppet showcalled “Gojiban”. In fact, the first episode is now available via YouTube:

The first episode features Godzilla-kun teaching Godzilla Junior and Minilla about manners. It then ends with the smog monster itself, Hedorah… and Hedorah Jr. for some reason. Yes folks, we better stop polluting the planet because Hedorah is multiplying!

The channel will release new episodes every Friday, and will feature several beloved Godzilla kaijuu, including the Mothra larvae, Hanako and Taro.