Namori’s Yuruyuri manga is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the release of a new OVA. And now, the anime’s Twitter Page has tweeted more details for the OVA’s release. They revealed that the new anime will come in Blu-ray format and will be released on 13th November. Those who backed the project via the crowdfunding campaign will get the OVA, as well as their prizes, sometime in mid-September. They also revealed a new visual as well:

Rewards include a special CD featuring the anime’s new OP and ED, as well as a limited edition Blu-ray copy of the OVA. It will also include a ticket for a limited event in Tokyo on 3 March 2019, with Akari calling your name over during the event itself. They will also include a special autographed illustration by Namori, featuring your own personal favourite character. They will announce more details on the crowdfunding effort, including its goals, at a later date.

Shinkalion assistant director Daigo Yamagishi will be making his directorial debut for the new OVA. He will be working alongside RELEASE THE SPYCE writer Takahiro, who will be penning the script. Lay-duce will be animating the new project, taking over for Doga KOBO and TYO Animations.