Fuji TV’s new Blue Lynx boys-love anime label has finally launched, kicking off with their first BL TV anime, Given. The TV anime adapts Natsuki Kizu’s Given manga, and now, its official website has revealed that it’s also getting an anime movie! They even released a teaser video, as well as a key visual:

Much of the staff and cast are returning for the film, including director Hikaru Yamaguchi. She’s directing the film over at Lerche. Mina Oosawa is also returning to design the characters as well. The film is slated to premiere sometime in 2020.

Crunchyroll, which streams the anime in the west, describes its story as:

Somehow, the guitar that he used to love to play and the basketball games that he found so fun just lost their appeal…That was until Ritsuka Uenoyama randomly met Mafuyu Sato. Ritsuka had started losing his passion for music in his everyday life, but then he hears Mafuyu sing for the first time. The song resonates with his heart and the distance between them starts to change.

Source: Given official website