Japanese cities are often very proud of their citizens who become famous. From seiyuu to actors to mangaka, these cities often do tributes to their favourite sons and daughters. One such city is Saku City in Nagano Prefecture, the hometown of Yoshiyuki Okamura, also known as the mangaka Buronson, one of the mangaka behind Fist of the North Star! And it seems that Saku City is honoring the mangaka with some manhole covers:

These new covers feature not only Kenshiro, but Raoh and Toki as well. The city revealed them during a dedication ceremony over at JR Sakudaira Station. Buronson himself also attended the unveiling at the train station.

150 fans attended the unveiling ceremony. As for Buronson, the mangaka had the honor of being the one to lower the first manhole covers. The mangaka says that he thinks these manholes are cool, and also added if his hometown will become a little bit more famous because of him.

There will be seven of these Fist of the North Star manhole covers in total, and fans can find them all around Saku city.

source: NHK