Previously, Nitroplus president Digitarou teased everyone that Gen Urobuchi’s next project will be “hardcore mecha”. Now, YouTube, Bandai Namco Arts, and infamous anime writer Gen Urobuchi, also known as “Gen the Butcher” and “Urobutcher”, are teaming up for a new 3D CG anime titled OBSOLETE.

The anime will premiere sometime in December via Bandai Namco Arts’ official YouTube channel. However, they will stream it for paying members first, before releasing the anime for free.

The anime will be about Exoframes (Enhanced Xenobiological Organic FRAMEs), mecha which were introduced by an advanced alien race to Earth in exchange for limestone deposits. They are cheaper than aircraft, tanks, or firearms, and everyone can use them. Because of this, they easily spread out across the world.

Hiroki Yamada and Seiichi Shirato will be the anime’s co-directors, with CG animation studio Buemon animating the project. Meanwhile, Bandai Namco Arts will be streaming the anime with English subtitles.

source: Comic Natalie