Granblue Fantasy the Animation wukk be continuing its story into a second season, as it will be part of the autumn 2019 season line-up. And now, the anime’s Twitter Page has finally released a new PV, as well as a new key visual:

The video not only reintroduces us to the world of Granblue Fantasy, but also previews the second season’s OP song, “Stay with me” by Seven Billion Dots. It also reveals the anime’s 4th October premiere as well.

Unlike the first season, MAPPA will now be handling the animation, taking over for A-1 Pictures. It will also have a new director in Yui Umemoto, replacing Yuuki Itoh from season 1. Meanwhile, The legend of the Galactic Heroes writer, Kiyoko Yoshimura, is the new scriptwriter, while Fumihide Sai is the new character designer.

source: Comic Natalie