Hanebado is known for intense badminton action, a crazy protagonist, and of course, mommy issues. Unfortunately, it looks like the original manga by Kosuke Hamada is ending very soon.

Hanebado is that anime which had a crazy and scary main protagonist named Ayano who has mommy issues. And according to the manga’s Twitter page, it will end with Good Afternoon! magazine’s next issue, which will be released in Japan on 7th October.

They also announced that the manga’s next volume, volume 16, will ship on 7th November.

The manga follows Ayano Hanesaki, an infamous badminton ace in middle school, but decided to quit badminton before entering high school. However one day, her new school’s coach spots how good she is and tries recruiting her back to the sport.

Problem is… Ayano absolutely hates Badminton. And it doesn’t help when her mom is also an international Badminton star as well, and Ayano has some… you guessed it, pretty big mommy issues.