The story of the anime adaptation of of Rensuke Oshikiri’s Hi Score Girl manga continues with Hi Score Girl II. And now, the staff released a new PV for the new season which teases the “final fight”… in both love and fighting games.

Aside from teasing the love triangle story and 90’s fighting game action, the video also featured the anime’s OP song. Its title is “Flash,” and sora tob sakana is performing it.

The staff also announced that the anime will premiere on 25th October via TOKYO MX, MBS, and BS11, as well as Netflix. As for the rest of the world, Netflix promises a release internationally.

Netflix has now released the first season, as well as its continuation OVA. Here’s how they describe the anime:

A chronic gamer abysmally inept in academics and sports finally meets his match at his usual shady arcade — and it’s his rich classmate, Akira.