Hiro Mashima is one of today’s most recognised mangaka. He has been working with Weekly Shonen Magazine for a long time now, and for its 60th anniversary, the magazine staff asked him to do a very special series. And for this, he decided to do a big crossover mini series between three of his biggest titles. Of course, these are Rave Master, Fairy Tail, and Eden’s Zero.

White Rave and Fairy Tail have anime adaptations already, Eden’s Zero is also huge as it has a rather large international following. The crossover manga itself will be titled Heros, and will be running in Weekly Shonen Magazine starting in October. It will be a mini-series and will run alongside Eden’s Zero within the magazine’s pages.

Previously, Mashima launched a Fairy tail x Rave Master crossover manga in 2011, which later got adapted into an anime in 2013. And as this is Hiro Mashima we are talking about, know that Plue will still be part of the series. Just kinda makes you wonder what might happen when FT’s Happy meets Eden’s Zero’s Happy…

Source: Hiro Mashima’s Twitter account